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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Tear Gas Quiets Prison Rioters In Tennessee PETROS,Tenn. (INS) Warden Frank Llewellyn said today that 250 rioting prisoners at the Brushy Mountain State prison have not indicated why they started a demonstration. He ordered all guards out of the cell block to prevent the convicts from taking hostages shortly after the riot began Monday night. The warden reported that the convicts tore up plumbing and mattresses, causing considerable damage,and were trying to get other prisoners in different parts of the prison to join them in the riot.Tear gas was used to quiet the convicts who were locked in their cells. The warden said he could not be sure they could be prevented from breaking out of the Petros, Tenn., institution. State police have reinforced the guards.


Two Brothers Killed in a Soft Drink Stand
Petros, Tenn., December 25
William and Robert Russell
, brothers, were shot and instantly killed here late last night and Beecher Holmes and his younger brother, charged with murder, are being held in the Petros branch of the state prison. The Russell brothers were in a soft drink stand when, it is alleged, the Holmes brothers came in and began shooting. Officers say the double tragedy followed action by William and Robert Russell in  giving evidence against the Holmes brothers in connection with whisky selling charges. Threats of a double lynching caused the officers to place the accused men in the branch state prison.


Petros, Tenn., Destroyed

Knoxville, Tenn., April 16. - Fire at Petros, Tennessee., destroyed nearly the entire business section tonight, causing loss estimated at close to $40,000.  The fire started in the Williams' general store, and within one hour, eight buildings, all frame, were on fire.


Two Miners Killed

Petros, Tenn., February 9, - Hugh
Webster and John Fry were killed by
falling slate in the Tennessee Blue Gem
Coal Company's coal mine today.  Both men
leave large families.


CHATTANOOGA. Tenn.. Oct. 25,.
President George P. Howard of the Crooked Fork Coal & Coke company at Petros, Brushy Mountain, Tenn.. stated today that the strike at the mines had been adjusted and 300 men will return to work at once.


November 20 1895
He Came This Way... Last Thursday a young man nmed JOSEPH D KELLY was hit with a single tree in the hands of a negro by the name of CHARLES HURD. The young man's skull was so crushed that he died Saturday morning. The murder occured near Joynersville Morgan County, a small town a few miles from Harriman.